The scenic and close proximity of the Caribbean Islands which we service are a delight to fly to in our Britten Norman Islanders. Specifically, the BN2 which is the primary aircraft in our fleet has a long history of being some of the most reliable aircrafts ever built. Favoured by some five hundred operators globally the Islander touts a world class pedigree and impeccable safety record spanning more than five decades.

The high-wing cantilever monoplane’s rectangular fuselage is spacious, comfortable and comparable to a small business jet. Our aircraft seats up to nine (9) passengers with luggage. Powered by two (2) Lycoming Motors TSI0-520VB, turbocharge, fuel injected engines, each rated at 325 horsepower allows us to cruise efficiently at a speed of 138MPH. With a range of 720 NM (Nautical Miles) and a maximum operational ceiling of 10,000ft, our superbly maintained fleet is the ideal choice for your transfer and air transport needs between the islands. Of all the things that make this aircraft an excellent choice its versatility sets it apart. It is excellent for operation into the short runways on islands such as St. Barths, Virgin Gorda and others.


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