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“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul.” (Walter Raleigh)

Anguilla Air Services maintains a strong commitment to safety, professionalism, dependability and superior customer service. Our pilot’s number one priority is to conduct each flight with the strictest adherence to the safety measures of operations and due consideration of our passengers comfort. On-time departure of our scheduled and charter services are paramount and each Captain in our crew remains cognizant that efficiency in delivery is a guiding principle with each flight. Currently we have three captains one of which you are sure to meet on your flight with us. Cumulatively these gentlemen bring an excess of thirty years experience and a different degree of character to our team.

Chief Pilot, Captain Carl A. Thomas

Born and raised in Anguilla, Captain Thomas is a founding pilot of Anguilla Air Services. He has been flying commercially for thirty years. He completed his Professional Flight Training in St. Thomas USVI and has since maintained his licenses with the FAA. Captain Thomas is a strong believer in training and development and post completion of his initial flight training went on to pursue Aircraft Type Ratings on a number of aircraft that some point have been part of the fleet. Captain Carl as he is affectionately known has always been involved in aviation but outside the cockpit he spends time Cycling and listening to his favourite singer Charlie Pride. He also enjoys watching the Anguilla Boat Races by air with his two children and evening rides on his Harley Davidson. Though his favourite experience flying is the approach and landing in St. Barths, he looks forward to returning Anguilla at the end of everyday and welcoming his passengers to paradise after a hassle free transfer from any of the surrounding islands.

Captain Kyle Brooks

Captain Brooks is a son of the soil. Growing up in Wallblake Anguilla, he fell in love with flying at an early age. Even before completing his training at Ace Flight Centre in St. Thomas USVI and Professional Flight Training in Fort Lauderdale FL. he was always involved in Aviation after completing High School. He worked for four years as an Air Traffic Controller and then joined the team at Anguilla Air Services in 2008. Captain Brooks has been licensed by the FAA for a total of nine years and also continues to pursue additional Aircraft Type Ratings. He is sports fanatic, a former track star in high school and a prominent figure in varsity basketball. He spends his free time playing and producing music. If it is hands on and creative Captain Brooks is most assuredly going to enjoy it. He has a green thumb and reaps much benefit from it with his small farm at home. Whether or not there is a connection to his love for horticulture, Captain Brooks loves flying into the green lush terrain of CaneField Dominica and Montserrat.

Captain John Charlery

Born in St. Lucia Captain John is a favourite and familiar face on the Anguilla Air Services air bridge flights between St. Maarten and Anguilla. Having been flying for the past eighteen years he has a wealth of experience across the region. Captain John has been with the company for five years and maintains his license with the FAA. He completed his professional flight training at Sowell Aviation, Panama City, FL. and has flown and received Aircraft Type Ratings on a number of different aircrafts over the span of his career. A local soccer sensation and familiar face in the cycling fraternity Captain John is one who enjoys the simple pleasures in life. His passion and love for flying is rooted in his desire to have his passengers feel safe and comfortable whenever they are onboard. For Captain John there is no single aspect of flying that fills him with a greater feeling of accomplishment than the smiles of his passengers. Only returning home to his family for their evening conversations about their individual experiences through the day brings him greater joy than his time across the skies.

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